Episode 2: Single Stack Madness

Hey everyone!  Sorry Episode 2 wasn’t up yesterday, I am going to be shooting for a Tuesdays as the “new episode day” from here on out.

In this episode, I talk about my slightly interesting experience shooting my first match in Single Stack Division in USPSA, what it’s like to stumble into a bowling pin match, and things I need to address in my shooting.

Thanks so much for listening, and as always if you have any questions you want to hear on the show, ideas for topics, comments on the format… anything you can think of, just let me know in the comments or send me an email under the “Contact” tab.




One thought on “Episode 2: Single Stack Madness”

  1. Ryan, good start! You stayed mostly focused on the topic of your single stack experience, had some relevant feedback and thoughts.

    You mentioned you were considering doing two shows per week. Depending on your time and ideas, you might be better served doing one with great content instead of trying to force two with less focus. As I teach my businesses to blog, we talk about quantity vs. quality on a regular basis. Write out a four week plan of ideas and try to stay four to six weeks out on the plan. In general, it will help you and make things more interesting.

    Lastly, as an idea for a show, talk about the mental part of the game, how to visualize a stage prior to “make ready.” The tips you gave me there were an immense help.

    Great start, looking forward to the next one.


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