Welcome to the blog-o-sphere

I don’t have any experience with this “blogging” thing, but I figure now is just as good of a time as any to start.

A first post should probably act like an introduction, right?  Well, in the words of Ben Stoeger, “who is this Ryan guy and why should you care what he has to say?”  And to be brutally honest at this point, I don’t really have a good answer for you. A few days ago it occurred to me that there is a lack of quality competition related content out there, and I wanted to help get some more information out there. When I am at work I love to listen to podcasts, and want to provide another interesting option for competition shooters. A blog seemed like the perfect stepping stone to move into that.

So here we are.

Back to why you should consider what I have to say… First off I suppose would be that I am a shooter. It is what I love to do, and I do it as much as my money and schedule allows. Secondly, I am a pretty down to Earth guy, at least I think I am!  I absolutely love helping people learn about shooting, and how to improve their match performance. And definitely lastly, I am a 2 division master in the United States Practical Shooting Association, in the Limited and Open divisions.  I say lastly because I truly believe anyone can be a good teacher, have good credibility and have valuable thoughts on nearly any topic.  Being a Master merely means I know how to shoot classifiers kinda decent.

I don’t really have anything else to say other than thank you for coming over and checking out the page. My hope that I can put out some content that is useful to the shooting community, and I would love if you stuck around to help and see that happen.



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